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World News - February 19, 2017
A man looks down as a Greek national flag flutters atop one of the bastions of the 17th century fortress of Palamidi under an overcast sky at the southern port city of Nafplio, Greece, February 19. 2017.
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Missouri Mennonites Living By The Word
    The Mennonite faith is an Anabaptist denomination whose Dutch-German members immigrated in the 17th century to North America. Mennonites do not believe in infant baptism, and Mennonites baptize children at age 10 or older, when a child can confess sins, repent and be ‘reborn,’ accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Mennonites are spiritual cousins to the Amish but not as distrustful of modernity. Their ranks include people who use horses and buggies as well as people who have iPhones, and everyone in between.

Mennonites are pacifists opposed to wars since the American Revolution. During wartime, they have often asked to volunteer as non-combatants, mainly in hospitals. This has spawned a certain service-oriented tradition, and today young Mennonite men take six months or more to lend a hand in cleanup efforts at natural disasters.

Young Mennonite women typically spend the same amount of time volunteering in hospitals, traveling away from their homes to live in units of several girls watched over by ‘house parents.’

In Cuba Missouri The Zimmermans live by their Mennonite faith with intention through following the word of God, as revealed by Jesus. As a reward, they get their hearts filled with a sense of peace, love and belonging.

Kris and Ruth Zimmerman have made Cuba, Missouri home for themselves and their four children: Katrina, 10, Krixana, 7, Addison, 4, and Adrian, 10 months. As a breadwinner for the family, Kris, 32, owns and works at the, '5 Star Buildings.'

The business serves as the spring of the family's revenue, through the manufacturing and sale of portable cabins, garages, garden sheds, and more. Ruth, 31, is a homemaker. The family life requires her utmost devotion, often leaving just enough space for prayer and rest. 'Our family is far from perfect,' says Ruth. 'We turn to Jesus to find solace and healing for our own brokenness. It is hope that inspires and defines our choices in life.'

Image: © Andriana Mereuta via ZUMA Wire
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